Teaching English in Thailand: Day 28, BBQ Pork

Day 28: Tuesday 21st July

My new topic for the week is clothing. I luckily have access to about 35 picture dictionaries, which allow me to teach the vocal for lots of different items of clothing. The students can then use this vocabulary for their writing exercises which consist of "When it is hot/cold/rainy I wear...."- this sounds easy, but believe me, they struggle! Without the picture dictionaries, I'd probably have to draw over 20 items of clothing on the board, and I think the kids know by now how horrific my drawing is.
Today's fruit basket!
During my first lesson of the morning, where I was attempting to play a game of SPLAT, I saw David arrive, waving his camera around: great!. What I didn’t realise was that he also set up a GoPro, which was set to record. This means that there is now a video of me trying to explain how you play SPLAT; jumping around and shouting the word “pants!” because it was the magic word. (I wont mention how out of breath and sweaty said activity made me. Man, I need to do some exercise!) 

David accompanied Robert and I to some of our lessons, and also had some meetings with our mentor to sort some things out with the school. It is my school’s first time hosting an ETA from the British Council, so there are a few teething problems. Today we had lunch at the school for the first time, as Kanang went out and bought a load of food from the market. She bought some chicken, sticky rice and some ‘som tam’, which is a spicy salad made from un-ripe, crunchy papaya. Sometimes you may find raw snails, shrimp and crab in there, which really puts me off. Plus, the whole dish is soaked in fish sauce, which is made from fermented fish. Yummy, eh?! I wish I could overcome this and enjoy som tam, because it is fairly healthy! But today I just stuck to my dry chicken and rice. #gains
Lunch at school

Surprise! I fell asleep at my desk again. Just as David walked back into the office, I sprang awake and attempted to cover my watch-imprinted face. (I trust that David won’t read this. If you do, David, I’m sorry!!) He left soon after, so I woke myself up with a walk to the canteen to buy ice cream. I think it was coconut flavour, but you can never be sure in Thailand! It was covered with peanuts, condensed milk and some yellow things that kind of resembled the inside of a sweetcorn kernel. It was odd, but still enjoyable.
Ice cream
After school I did the usual falling asleep thing, which has become an expected daily event. Once I had woken up, I asked Kanang if we could go to the market to buy some duck, so we drove a few minutes in search of some. Did you know, the Thai word for duck is bed? Anyway, there was no duck. So we bought some bbq pork on a stick (I ate this for breakfast last week) and we intended to have it with salad at home. Kanang had already bought some salad for us, which was pre-packed and prepared, ready in individual bags. There was sweetcorn, lettuce, kidney beans, carrot and some other random white beans that look a bit like pearl barley in there. To this we added red cabbage, tomatoes and the pork. Two very strange sauces came with the salad: strawberry yoghurt and kiwi yoghurt sauces! At first I left them because I thought it was just too weird to put this on my food. But, it turns out that Kiwi yoghurt is extremely tasty on a porky salad!
A very fun salad!
Kiwi yoghurt/strawberry yoghurt dressing
We had some durian for dessert. It is growing on me each time I have it! It’s such a shame we don’t have it in the UK because I know I will miss it a LOT. I don’t even think it smells that bad, whereas many people wont even allow it in their house, because the smell offends them so much!
A good ol' chunk of durian
Just realised all of today's pictures are of food. Oh well, thats not a terrible thing, eh!


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