Teaching English in Thailand: Day 7, Sunshine and Coconuts

Day 7: Tuesday 30 June

Today I had a day off, woohoo! While Kanang still had to go to school, I stayed at home and relaxed all day. Even though I have been in Thailand for almost a week, I still haven’t been able to get out into the sunshine! This is strange for me, because I love the sun, and would usually be straight out on the beach when on holiday, attempting to get that golden tan/ burn, haha.

I was lucky to have a nice lay in and move at a leisurely pace; quite the contrast from Monday morning! I set up camp outside the house on the front drive. Luckily there are fences all around, so unless someone peeps over the top, they can’t see me sheepishly shuffling about in a bikini, fearing being seen!

For lunch I had last night’s left over dinner, made by Kanang. It was soooo good, or “aroy” in Thai! I didn’t leave the house all day because the area is just a housing estate with quite a few stray dogs hanging about. They seem fairly harmless, but I don’t like dogs at the best of times. Also, the market is too far away to walk to, even though it only takes a few minutes in the car. It is a shame because I would like to walk to places nearby, even if I might die in the heat!

At 4:30pm Kanang returned home from school with a fresh young coconut for me! It was a really nice surprise, especially after being so hot from sitting outside! Young coconuts are my soulmates, I swear.

We went to dinner at a buffet steak place that Kanang had also never been to. It was very busy inside so we sat outside in the warmth of the evening. There were so many different foods that I shoved many foods and flavours on my plate at once. It included: steak, spring rolls, kebab sticks, vegetables, chicken, chicken balls, rice, noodles and many other bits and bobs! And it was all pretty good! I finally had some unprocessed chicken, which was nice!

The meat here in Thailand scares me a little bit. Because I am a little fussy when it comes to meat; I don’t like bones, fat or gristle in my meat because it just puts me off. Because of this, I have turned into a bit of a vegetarian when buying street food and market food, because its all just a bit gnarly. However, the lean meat in Thailand is delicious, like the beautiful Roast Duck that happens to keep ending up on my plate! Mmmm.

We ate sooooo much, including the most amazing Thai desserts. They have a lot of little bits that you put into a coconut milk/ sugar cane soup. This includes fruit, pieces of jelly, tapioca pearls, processed sweets and natural sweets. Its all very delicious, but extremely sweet! Maybe I could have done without the sugar cane syrup.

It was all washed down with a huge bottle of Singha beer because unfortunately, they didn’t have any small ones. What a shame!!

Last night, Kanang said that we will start to eat less. Fat chance.



  1. You're so right to keep away from stray dogs. They are renowned for being nippers. Rabies is rife in Thailand. If you are invited to someone’s house for lunch or dinner, it is expected that you will bring some small present as a gift to show gratitude. Usually, fruit or some flowers will be more than adequate. If you are sitting on the floor as many Thai families still like to do, try to refrain from pointing your feet in the direction of other people. Instead, keep them tucked under your body for politeness. It is also not recommended to touch Thai people on the head! Interestingly, Thai people love their food and like to eat together sharing all the food they have between them, including Penang curry. Let me know what you think of it. Xx

  2. I'm keeping well away! Yeah, I read all this before coming here.. We are going to lunch at someone's house but they are Philipino and very westernised. I had Penang curry last night, and also a few nights ago, it turns out! Its similar to Thai red curry. I love the lime leaves! x