Teaching English in Thailand: Day 15, Every Shoe in Thailand

Day 15: Wednesday 8th July

The daily flag raise and national anthem sing along.
It hasn't stopped since it started at 4pm yesterday! It's bittersweet because it means that life is a little less sweaty, but at the same time, rain's not a particularly happy weather, is it?! And I think there was definitely some pathetic fallacy going on today as everyone's mood seemed to be affected. The picture above is of the students raising the flag, even in the rain. Usually the whole school stands out here to watch, but today they were inside and only two people got soaked

For starters, I had 4 lessons (usually, 3) and I was really tired, again! I can't cope with waking up early! The problem is, when I go to bed at 11pm in Thailand, everyone in the UK is coming alive online! So, like a naughty school kid, I stay awake longer than I should. (But instead of sexting, I'm texting my mama! :] )
Kids on the balcony
The students at school are always so friendly to me. Everywhere I go, the kids call, "hello teacher!" or they wave and say, "hello!" and sometimes I even get "teacher, you beautifool"which is lovely. Sometimes I tell reply that they are also beautiful, (including the boys) and they almost die of embarrassment/the giggles - its hilarious!

At lunch, we returned to my favourite place for Pad Thai, whoop whoop! Robert (the other English ETA) came with us for the first time, so he could exercise his use of the English language for once at lunch time. He was also sick of the strange food at the other place with the congealed blood and bones- remember I told you about that delightful restaurant? You all know what Pad Thai looks like by now, so I'll not make you jealous with a picture today. Just wait until tomorrow ;)


Today, Robert and I struggled. We were both just a bit fed up with just sitting around during free periods and waiting for the terrible wifi to load. There's not really much going on at school and we haven't been encouraged to get involved with anything during our free time, so at the moment we are feeling a bit lousy. Rob is also having some trouble with his classes, as the Thai teachers cannot speak very good English in the Social Studies department. He is teaching in this department because there are too many of us in the English department. As a result of him only coming to the school last week as an extra ETA, they are struggling to fit him in to the English timetable. Hopefully tomorrow something can be done about it :)

The teachers seem to be a bit down today as well. Kanang was struggling with sorting out the filing system in the library, and was receiving very little help from her co-worker. Rowena was sick again today too, so we weren't being picked up by her naughty jokes, either.

To give Kanang and myself a boost, I suggest we went shopping after school. We all know how much Kanang loves shopping! So, once we arrived at the shopping centre after school, we had a wander, tried some tasters of food at the market stall in the shopping centre and ate some Japanese food. I was craving gyozas, which I was introduced to in England in my favourite restaurant Tampopo by my pal Ursula. They are little dumplings filled with some form of meat and God knows what else, which you dip in the most amazing little saucer of, well, sauce. Have a look:
Gyozas/ heaven
We also ate this: (it was great)
I had steak, Kanang had Fish
After we ate, we proceeded to do some more shopping. Casually, Kanang splashed the cash on three pairs of shoes, all from different shops. She loves shoes! In one of the shops, she ran up to me and excitedly shouted that the music that I could hear wasn't on a CD and the man down the other end of the shop was in fact, singing and playing guitar. I was pretty shocked about this too, because its not every day that the shop assistant in a shoe shop whacks out a guitar and just smashes some songs out, is it?! He was amazing, too! I gave him a little clap once he'd finished and he went a bit shy. England should do this.
Casual musician in Thai version of Shoe Zone
Kanang's a terrible influence! Mum, please cover your eyes for the next few sentences. Dad, don't tell her what you're about to read! ..................... I bought a pair of shoes.
In my defence, they are what I like to call "teacher heels" and they are for school! IM SORRY, I WONT DO IT AGAIN! I don't have any in this colour!! Hehehehehe. (I'll post a picture tomorrow)

The shame, oh, the shame. Blame Kanang. 

Shopping is tiring. Especially with serial shopper and shoe lover, over here! So, I dragged her away, and at about 9:30 we made our way home and I threw myself into bed. Night!


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