Becoming responsible and leaving the fresh life.

Along with many of you across the globe, it is time for me to start my second year of University. I don't think I am alone in being absolutely blooming scared about this fact, am I? Leaving my 'fresher' self at the back door of Halls was quite a sad thing a few months back. As a fresher, I had very little pressure in terms of Uni work and juggling that with a job, sleep and a social life; however I think that is all about to change....

I am now living off-campus in a house with five of my friends and that itself is stressful enough! Looking at the sad pile of washing up and having to put the toilet seat down multiple times a day is something that you forget about when deciding to live with smelly boys. However, it is also pretty cool that you can live in a house with your friends and enjoy some awesome times together as a little family!

This year I am a 'hall rep' which means that I have been looking after the new freshers who live in my old hall. We take them out for the fresher events and make sure they all get their taxis without problems, and then get drunk (responsibly) with them! It is a brilliant way to meet new people and also just another way to clutch at every string there is to pretend to be a carefree fresher again (lol). Below is a picture of us at the halls battle- which WE WON!

In Britain, (depending on your course) during first year you can pass the year with only 40%. Thankfully I achieved a better grade than that, but unfortunately, I do not have that 40% fall-back this year, so I am actually going to have to some work. Oh dear. Less partying for Olivia this year then! Does anybody else join me in feeling this way? I mean, they could have warned us about having to study as well as messing around!

Alright, all jokes aside, I do actually want to knuckle down this year and continue smashing the odd essay and exam that are thrown at me. It's going to be a struggle to fit in everything else that I want to do but I shall try and see! Some new things that I am going to try my hand at this year include joining the Samba band, the Italian society and ladies Football club at uni! They should be a great way to de-stress and make some new friends. Are you going to join any clubs or societies this year?

I'd love to hear any of your stories about moving to uni/studying or fitting in your elements of life in general so leave a comment! :)

A presto!

Olivia x

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