11 things that tell you you're a University student

1. You find yourself communicating with your parents more than you did whilst at home.

2. You go home for the weekend and realise how damn hungry you are.

3. Occasionally  you take extra toilet roll from restaurant/club/pub toilets because you and your flatmates cannot afford to buy more until the next student loan payment hits your account.

4. You walk around in dark clothes for two weeks while your white washing slowly accumulates to a full load.

5. You meticulously compare bacon prices throughout each supermarket.

6. Dominos pizza is your most frequently rung telephone number.

7. You feel no shame in not brushing your hair for a few days (or weeks) because it is simply too much energy.

8. Mum's pre-made meals are on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for as long as they last.

9. Owning an NUS card means that that you can visit Topshop again because you're making savings, of course.

10. You have a 'quiet night in' and become more inebriated than if you went out, then throw up into your flatmates underwear drawer and miss all your lectures the next day.

11. Procrastination takes you to lengths you never thought you'd go to (see picture)

Playing dress-up with my friend Louise's crazy wardrobe.
So, there it is! If you didn't already know you were a uni student then you sure should know now! Do you agree??

A presto!
Olivia x


  1. Haha I'm glad you think so too! Xxx

  2. 1, 2, 3....all so true! Thank goodness I've only got one year left!
    ~ Samantha