Teaching English in Thailand: Day 27, Dinner on David

Day 27: Monday 20th July

I woke up at the crack of dawn (6:50) for school and felt like utter poo. I think all the weeks and weekends of exertion built up and ganged up on me! Kanang stuck a thermometer under my armpit, (mm, lovely) revealing that I had a temperature – or that I just had warm pits. Either way, there was no chance I could have mustered the strength to get ready and last all day at school feeling like that. Kanang left for school, and I got back into bed and slept for another 5 hours!
Vietnamese coffee and banana cake from the market 

I woke up at 12:30 to the sound of a phone ringing. I wondered if there was someone in the house or if Kanang had left her phone behind because I didn’t recognise the tone. After searching for a while, I found my Thai phone (a classy Samsung brick from about 10 years ago), and it happened to be David Mathias calling me. David works for the British Council and is the director of our Thailand teaching programme. He told me he was coming to visit the school tomorrow to check up on how things are going, and also to iron out some creases. He offered to take Robert and I out for dinner tonight because he would be arriving in the early evening. I had no other plans so I happily accepted the offer!

During my day at home I didn’t do much, because I was still so tired! I found the energy to make and eat some pasta, and also write four blog posts from over the weekend that I didn’t have the chance to write because I was away! (Its so hard to make pasta the way I want to with weird ingredients *cries*)
Odd pasta. Don't judge me!
David said we would go for diner at around 7, and that he would pick Robert up from his house and also pick me up from Kanang’s. By 8pm Kanang and I were both sitting at home, waiting for David to arrive, but he never did. We received a phone call from him, explaining that he was lost and had pretty much no idea where he was! We told him to meet us at the airport, which is only 10 minutes from our house. After many phone calls and more getting lost, we managed to meet. We drove just 5 minutes down the road to the nearest restaurant so we didn’t get any more lost, and we were lucky that it was a very nice, western style restaurant. David told us to order what we liked, as it was on the British Council! Of course I went for a steak and a glass of red! Mmmm.
Vino <3
I forgot to take a picture of my food because I was so excited to eat it. But here’s a picture of my tasty wine in a huge glass! We chatted for ages about different things, and in the end the restaurant had to ask us to leave because they wanted to close! Another table were still eating at this point, and they practically fed the last few mouthfuls to one of the women so they could take her plate away!

We managed to find my house pretty easily from the restaurant, thank God, or I don’t know what we would have done! When I got in I went straight to bed, as it was pretty late by this point. 

Thanks for dinner, British Council!



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  1. Have you noticed any unusual habbits the Thai people have. Unusual to us English anyway..

    They don't talk about bad things or problems.

    Thai men wear two pairs of underwear. Believe it or not but Thai men take the proverb two are better than one to a whole new level. Tight pants and then boxers on top of them. They use these boxers as kind of shorts when they are inside but as soon as they go out they put on some proper shorts or pants and then they basically walk around with three layers. Similar to girls wearing shorts under their dresses guys try to protect their first layer of underwear. Weird.
    I'm not saying have a look but have a look! Xx