Gandys Flip Flops | A Guilt-Free Purchase

The summer season is finally upon us, wahoo! In the UK where I live, we have been blessed with some beautiful weather over the past few weeks and it has only made me even more excited for my summer adventures.

At this time of the year, the shops are full of summer gear for us Brits that are preparing to flee to our sunny getaways. On our shopping lists are the usual suspects: bikinis, sun cream, and that sexy (but not too wild) beach kimono. Whilst slowly ticking off these items from my list I suddenly thought about the most simple thing that any holiday requires.. Flip flops! As well as those fancy butterfly adorned, tie-dye-leather fancy sandals that cost a bomb from Monsoon, every holidayer needs a pair of easy flipflops! 

I absolutely love flip flops. They really get me into the summer spirit, and the novelty of wearing them in the UK when it starts getting warm is great! About 4 years ago, I was given a pair of Havaianas by my brother's girlfriend (shown below). They were worn, but I instantly loved them because they fitted so well and they felt such good quality. I have worn them every year since then, including on my long trip to Italy and they are still alive and kicking today. Unlike usual, cheap flip flops made from foam which easily tears, flattens and becomes riddled with stones and grit, Havaianas are made from rubber which is much more durable and comfortable for long-term wear. A further plus to these beauties is that when they get wet, they don't squeak! Don't you hate it when you dip your toes in the pool or go for a stroll on the beach and then you are left with squeaky feet for the next half hour? Me too.

My well-worn Havaianas!
As some of you know, I am soon going to be embarking on a three-month trip to Thailand to teach English to Children in schools - eeek! So whilst gathering everything I'll need for the trip, I decided that it was time to hang up the old Havaianas and treat my tootsies to some new Gandys flip flops. Similarly to Havaianas, Gandys are 100% rubber which means no squeaks, long-term bounce and comfort, and an overall feel of quality. I have seen Gandys around for a while but never strayed from my Havaianas. That was until I tried some Gandys on and realised how much of a dream they were. So. Darn. Comfy! They are a little bit chunkier than my slightly more feminine Havaianas, but they are definitely comfier- and that speaks volumes. Also, I feel like the classic blue colour will go nicely with denim shorts or turned up jeans in the evenings.

As you can see, the sizing on the label is a little confusing, because I am a UK size 4, (EUR 37) but the label says that they are a size 5/ 37 (but UK size 5 is actually EUR 38!). Therefore If you are ordering these online, I would suggest choosing a UK size bigger than usual! 

Gandys flip flops some in a variety of colours and styles, but the best bit about this brand is that Gandys donate 10% of the profits they earn to children less fortunate in developing countries. Being a part of a good cause like this is really nice, so if I can treat myself to a new pair of flip flops, I can treat some little kiddies too :)

Will you be joining the Gandys journey?

Olivia x

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  1. All fair & well but will they improove my street cred from my current two tone non slip no squeek crocs.....xx