Teaching English in Thailand: Day 13, Weekend Blues

Day 13: Monday 6th July

Today was a typical Monday, with nothing exceptionally exciting going on. These lads say it all, and they’re asleep!

Today I was pretty tired after such a long weekend, so my early wake up was helped along by a ProPlus. This was the first one that I had taken since I had been in Thailand, and ever, for that matter. Hopefully it’s not a slippery slope!

In the morning, ETA Robert who joined us on Friday was officially introduced to the students. It's funny to think that it was me stood up there last week, saying pretty much the exact same thing! "Thailand is HOT! England is COLD!"
Teacher Robert and Teacher Thim
Rowena, who happened to be wearing a similar black and white printed outfit to me, was a babe and brought me in a bag of Vietnamese coffee! It’s quite hard to find the real thing in Thailand, for obvious reasons, but the instant stuff is better than nothing! Thanks Rowena, you life saver! 
The topic that I have chosen to teach for the week is the weather, seeing as us Brits love to talk about it so much! So I prepared a brief plan for the topic and teach it to every class that I have, unless it’s not suitable or the teacher has planned their own lesson (rare).  So, as my only three lessons of the day were one after another, I think I will be saying the word ‘cloudy’ in my sleep for weeks. Also, the more you say ‘cloudy’, the more it starts to sound like a jumble of sounds….

Lunch wasn’t great. The place we go every day is quite restricting, as I have already mentioned! So I could have the delicious congealed-blood soup, or a really spicy curry with mystery meat. I think it was pork, but who knows!? I went for the curry, and just took some of the sauce and mystery green veg to go with my rice. Even after a weekend of nearly normal food, I still need some more western food L I never thought I’d be saying this, because in England I love to eat Asian food! But it’s just so tiring having to deal with its randomness, and it is fattening too! I need some of my mama’s pasta! Or a nice ham and salad wrap! PLEASE.

At the end of most days, a student named Opal often comes and chats with the teachers. She usually carries Kanang's or Rowena's bags to the car, but today she came along and took my bag off me! VIP service, right here! She's such a kind girl.
Opal with my bag, escorting Kanang to the car!
For dinner, I requested a plate of veg. And that’s what Kanang cooked! Thank the lord. We had some nice crunchy veg and prawns. Fairly healthy, apart from the sauces used to cook it in.
Veg <3
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day! And roll on more healthy food, please.



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  1. That's better. Ordered one of my favourites, large glass of red wine & spaghetti carbonara followed by a walk over the road for my dessert.....Harrods chocolates. The expression 'pig in shit' comes to mind. Thailand doesn't do Harrods Chocolate....oh dear poor thing... Paolo Imberino Xx