The Wonderful World of Procrastination | Revision and Exams

- To keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring.

As I currently find myself crying into a nasty ‘Contemporary Strategy Analysis’ textbook, I wonder if I am the only one struggling to battle on with revision. A delightful form of procrastination that has taken my uni by storm, the app ‘Yik Yak’ displays to me that I am indeed, not alone in my contemplation, with endless posts from my fellow procrastinating students.
Some YikYak gems!
Its crazy to think how many students there currently are slaving away in the library, hating it and counting down the days until their last exam is over. It just makes me think: why do we do it to ourselves?! (I know, the answer is obvious- but still, it’s a shame.)

Meanwhile, I’m making (and drinking) endless amount of tea, allowing my housemate Henry to style my hair and paint my face, as well as wasting hours on end faffing around on my blog and writing posts like this one.

I’m either way too relaxed about my upcoming exams, or extremely terrified. This is causing me to bury my head in the sand, or, in actual fact, in avocado-chocolate mousse. Yep, I made that yesterday instead of studying, and I don’t regret a thing...

Further poor choices led me to eat out three times times last week, like, in actual restaurants. I also drank a few too many Desperados, which shows the epitome of my situation. I thought exam stress was meant to have the opposite effect on me?! Shout out to my buddies who accompany me on such trips! Although as my friend Charlie once said, “to study well you need to have a relaxed and healthy mind- and that means going out and getting sloshed!”


 The only thing carrying me through this horrid time at University is the thought of my upcoming travels, and how I won’t be able to go if I fail an exam. So fingers crossed my tears don’t blur this textbook too much, because apparently the content is rather important.

Good luck to everyone sitting exams, writing essays and anyone else spewing up words that aren’t theirs (but referenced correctly, of course)!!

Peace out,
Olivia x


  1. Procrastination: leaving your homework to the very last moment because then you will be older and therefore wiser....

  2. Is that where your wisdom comes from, Paul? I wish it worked like that, and didn't result in failed exams!

  3. Is this ur blog Olivia?