Teaching English in Thailand: Day 24, Volleyball

Day 24: Friday 17th July

My desk is now a fruit shop
On the way to school today, Rowena asked if we could stop at the market so she could buy some fruit. Unlike any normal person, she bought such a ridiculous amount of rambutans, dragon fruit, and bunches of a small yellow fruit which I don't know the name of. Guess what happened when we got to school? It was all plonked on my desk. Of course! I swear everybody in Thailand is trying to fatten me up!

All the lessons of the upper school were cancelled in the morning due to some activities. Therefore, I only had one lesson in the afternoon! This meant that I could chill, attempt to consume some of the fruit, and also join in with the boys who were playing volleyball! I'm not sure if it was their P.E lesson or not, but they didn't seem to mind either way. When I asked to play, you could see their hesitation- probably because they didn't want a loony in a skirt ruining their game. Anyway, I played and didn't embarrass myself too much. This was good because once a few of the kids realised that I was playing, they gathered round to watch. Now I really had to avoid falling over and flashing my knickers. I had been wanting to join in with some of the sports activities since I got here, because those who know me will agree that i'm more one for doing than watching. It was great fun, and I can't wait to play again.

When we arrived at lunch, two other teachers from our school were at the restaurant already. They waved some beer at Kanang so she had a little glass. Of course, this made me pretty thirsty for a Beer Leo, too. So, the nice man who was sharing his large bottle with Kanang, also shared some with me. I was going to order one of my own, and Kanang said "no, don't worry, he's paying!" - fair play! I ate rice and an omelette. I added lots of sweet chilli sauce and peanuts!

I was invited to a wedding! A lady at school came into the office and handed Kanang some envelopes, then after a while of me wandering what it was, she gave me one! The mystery lady's daughter is getting married next Thursday and has kindly invited me- even though I have no idea who she is!
Wedding invite!
My only lesson of the day concluded the series of lessons on body parts. It's bitter sweet, because now I have to plan more topics and lessons, but at the same time, the students enjoyed learning about body parts and I enjoyed leaping about the room shouting "what's this?!"

After school, I went into Khon Kaen centre to meet Kirsty and Jess for our weekend 'away' (which is about a ten minute drive from my house). We decided against Surin, as we can go any other weekend when we are more prepared for it. We did the usual, wander around the shopping centre which by now, we have done so many times. We ate in a Japanese restaurant which Kanang and I went to last week. It was a nice change from Thai food, but still a bit different from McDonalds. We planned on going to the hotel after dinner and getting ready to go out for some drinks. But at about 9pm I made the mistake of getting into my comfy hotel bed whilst we were just relaxing and there was no going back from then on! We stayed in and got an early night, so that we could be fresher for the next day's activities, which we were still unsure about. We were all dying for a swimming pool and some sun, because all week at school we don't really get to see the sun! 
Din dins

Find out what we decided to do tomorrow :) 


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