Teaching English in Thailand: Day 16, Jobless Kids

Day 16: Thursday 9th July

“I’ll put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right!” - Paolo Nutini

Today I’m taking a risk and wearing some high heels that I bought yesterday.  They are ‘teacher heels’ in my eyes, so I shouldn’t be in too much pain….
Ok, I was wrong. Well, they were ok for most of the day but there was a dull ache by the end of the day! My feet are a bit more used to wearing nice, comfortable shoes like Vans or something similar! I enjoy comfort!
The day looked good from the outset! I only had two lessons today because I had 4 yesterday. Happily, I was scheduled to teach class 6/1 and 6/2 (together) which I enjoyed because their standard of English is much higher than the rest of the school! Also, Rowena turned up at school, which was a lovely surprise!

My first class was 4/2, who are 16 years old and in the middle set. We had a good lesson, in which I taught them a little bit about the past tense and also about some English culture. They were very interested to see how other teenagers in the world behave and spend their time. I taught them that many English teenagers get jobs at the age of 16 so they can pay for their own stuff, rather than living off their parents. Only one student in the class had a job. And about 90% of the class had their own motorbike! Thai kids get a lot of their money from their parents, and many of the teachers have asked me to teach them how it is different in England.

I also think this is very important! When teens spend every Saturday and Sunday working for minimum wage, they learn the worth of money because they slaved away to get it! This is what I did; and at one point I was even working three jobs at once! It allowed me to pay for all my own driving lessons, my own car and anything else I needed to buy. The problem is, when the Thai students can’t even understand “how old are you?”, there’s no chance in hell that they’ll understand my moral ramblings.

Pad Thai for lunch = big smiles J

Paaaadddd Thaaiiii

I had a free afternoon so I went along to help teach class 6/1 and 6/2 for their second English lesson of the day. They were learning about the World Wildlife Fund, using some pretty complicated language! I find it rewarding when my help in class actually impacts upon the students’ knowledge, and they can write down some substantial English, rather than one sentence, full of mistakes. I also facetimed my parents and all my dad wanted to do was show me the garden and the plants... I swear he has never paid attention to my mums plants before in his life!
Yes Dad, its lovely...
At the end of the day we stopped off at a little hut on the side of the road and bought some tea. I love tea.  Seeing as I work at a bubble tea shop at University, I am in my element in Thailand where they pretty much have it everywhere you go. I bought a red thai tea which was HUGE! Im not sure what was in it, but I do know they use condensed milk, so you can guess how sweet it was.
Thai red tea!
We had a chilled evening at home which was nice! I had two of these blog posts to catch up on too, so i had some time to do that. Sorry they were late; bad blogger! Kanang and I weren't too hungry so we both ended up leaving most of our dinner! I was happy to eat less for once, anyway!

Thai people love pork! Pork in the fried rice, pork sausage and the brown stuff is also some form of fried pork! Too much porrrrkkkkk.

Night, pals

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