Teaching English in Thailand: Day 26, Not So Good

Day 26: Sunday 19th July

We were woken up by Jess at 11:40, 20 minutes before we had to check out of the hotel. Buggar! I felt less than fresh, and Kirsty had been bitten about 7 times on her bum cheek, so that sums up how we felt nicely. We scrambled to get all our stuff in our bags, and somehow made it down to reception in time. It was still raining a bit, so we went for a stroll in the rain to try and wake us up. We woke up a snoozing tuk tuk driver and bargained with him to take us to Central Plaza for breakfast. His price was annoyingly high, so we left it and kept walking. 5 minutes later, he came driving along beside us and agreed to take us for our suggested price- even though we had already walked half way there! It was a bumpy, hot journey and I was happy to finally half-fall out of the tin-can-on-wheels once we arrived. 
Kiwi soda
We did our greatest hungover zombie impressions as we dragged ourselves into McDonalds. Whilst queuing, two girls asked me for a picture. This wasn't particularly strange, but when they said "can we go outside for a video" I was a little confused. It turns out, they wanted to interview me about learning English, and asked me questions like "do you have any advice for people learning English" etc. I'd like to apologise to the girls for pretty much slurring my way through the video as I was struggling so hard to keep my eyes open and not throw up on them at the same time. When we sat down with our food, the girls came over again and also asked Kirsty and Jess for their thoughts. I sat there and laughed encouragingly as they tried to be polite and ignore the dead pigeon just behind them.

We were in no fit state to do anything fun (sorry Jess) so we ended up going to another place for food, this time it was a little cafe/ dessert bar. We chose it for its comfy looking sofas; they didn't disappoint! I had a kiwi soda while the girls tucked into cakes- I wasn't sure if i could handle the sugar in my fragile state. We sat there for a good hour or so, and then finally gave into to the temptation of home, and bed. The girls got their usual 1 hour van journey home and I got into a taxi, where the driver sang sweetly to me the whole way- it was lovely. I almost fell asleep to his sweet voice, but then I was home before I knew it. 
"Cor, my bum's really itchy"
I didn't hesitate to get into bed as soon as I got home! I slept for 4 hours whilst Kanang went out to church. I had one of those moments where you wake up and don't know if its the middle of the night or morning, or if you're even alive! Thankfully, it was just 8pm and I was alive. The sleep made me feel much better, and after some food cooked by Kanang earlier that day, I was good to go!... (Back to sleep!)

Roll on the start of week 4 of teaching!


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