Teaching English in Thailand: Day 5, Lily Pads and Pad Thai

Day 5: Sunday 28th June


I had a lovely little lay in which I so desperately needed, but I felt bad for abandoning Kanang for the whole morning. I'm glad I didn't rush to get up though, because we just chilled in the house until about 4pm which was nice. We decided to go out and visit some markets: the first sold mostly clothes and bags (I bought two) and the second was mostly food, with some clothes and bits and bobs. 
Pad Thai and a side of duck

Kanang and I had Pad Thai, which is fast becoming my favourite food out here. Pad Thai is a pretty safe dish as you know you won't get any nasty surprises/crazy spice/ meat bones! We also had some ice cold fresh coconut water which was scrummy. I've not had fresh coconut water since I went to Malaysia so I was very happy! We walked around the market after dinner to look at the beautiful area and do MORE shopping. There is a beautiful koi carp pond which you can walk around and over on the pretty bridge, whilst admiring the lilly pads and sparkly lights in the green backdrop. Kanang and I stopped to look at pretty much every clothes stall, because you know, we're women and we like that. Winky wink.
I wonder how many of these I will end up with...

I bought a dress for 150Tb (about £3) which is perfect for school, and a cute little necklace. I think Kanang is pretty intent on finding me some good school clothes because she happened to catch a glimpse of the hilarious  skirts that I brought from home from a car boot sale! Maybe I should just wear my new dress, every. single. day. Its perfect, after all!

After we got home I went to bed, knowing that I would struggle to wake up at 6.30 for school the next day! To nobody's surprise I struggled to sleep all night so was pretty darn tired in the morning, with the puffiest eyes known to woman. 

Just to let you know, I've decided to write this blog every day at school during my free periods about the events of the day before, because at least then I can include every crazy detail about my crazy Thai life without missing the cRaZy anecdotes about me sweating too much in bed.


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