Teaching English in Thailand: Day 4, Meeting Kanang

Day 4: Saturday 27th June

Being the diva that she is, my mentor demanded that the school allow us to fly up to Khon Kaen from Bangkok rather than get a gruelling 8 hour bus ride in the heat. This mean that we could leave at a leisurely time and- oh, wait, we still left at 9:30. Cheers then! These early mornings are killing me!
We ended up being about 2 hours too early so tired old me had to wait in the airport and sit nicely like a good girl rather than splay myself out on the floor for a snooze. After a short flight of 45 minutes, my host Kanang met me at the airport. It was like that scene in Love Actually where they all dive into each other’s arms for a loving embrace…. Not really. But she did shake my hand!

A ten-minute drive in the scorching heat took us to Kanang’s cute little house- just like her! I have my own room with a desk and a wardrobe (and a bed, of course) and even air con! I liked this lady straight away! I also have my own bathroom and we have a nice big kitchen and living room.

Not long after I arrived, Kanang ("call me "Nang" ) took me to the mahoosive shopping centre in Khon Kaen where we wandered round every single shoe shop in the place (Kanang likes shoes, even more than me) and also ate an incredible meal in ‘MK’. You choose your ingredients off the menu and then you cook it yourself on the little in-built hob! It was so cool and the best thing was that it was pretty healthy, with lots of vegetables and protein. We also had a side order of duck that rocked my world! Free refillable Chinese tea was the cherry.

After doing a little food shop where we found some interesting things, such as Durian fruit (smells like crap, YUM) and these little fruits which I have been searching frantically for since I ate one in Malaysia in 2013(!) we headed home. I was bloody knackered so called it a night at about 9pm (I know, lightweight!) and began a night of freezing my ass of in the air con vs sweating like a beach without it. The joys!

Rest day tomorrow, yay!


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