Simple and healthy banana pancakes!

I know that I speak for many other people when I say that it is very exciting to find a healthy substitute for naughty, yummy foods! So when my friend introduced me to these tasty little pancakes I was very happy! They are extremely quick and easy to make with minimal ingredients which is a huge positive. If they took any longer to make, I would probably leave them to the weekend  because in all honesty, sleep comes first for me! That shows how quick they are.

Unlike the simple yet classic pancakes that I would usually make, these pancakes do not contain flour which makes them great for those people with intolerances. These little beauties contain two simple ingredients: eggs and bananas. I like to add some little extra flavours to spice things up a bit when I have them in the cupboard, however these pancakes are still tasty with the base ingredients- but you can add what you like as toppings to add more flavours!

So basically, it works like this: each person you are feeding has an egg and a banana. (My 1 egg: 1banana ratio mix made 9 small pancakes.) You throw it all into a bowl and blend until you have a fairly smooth consistency. I hand mashed/whisked the mixture the first time I made these pancakes and used an electric whisk the second time I made them. Both ways are really easy, however I think a smoother mixture can be achieved using the electronic tool. I then throw in a tiny dash and sprinkle of vanilla extract and cinnamon powder to add a little oomph (optional).

I then melt about a teaspoon of coconut oil into the pan to use for frying the pancakes. Once the oil is hot enough (you can test this by dropping a dot of mixture into the pan and if it sizzles a little it is ready) then pour the mixture into the pan to make your desired sized pancakes. I have heard good things about coconut oil so I prefer to use this, however any other cooking oil can be used.

Cook them like normal pancakes on a medium to high heat, turning occasionally. They are delicate pancakes and can burn fairly easy so be aware of this and be ready to turn down the heat if they brown too fast. I imagine them as scrambled eggs and judge the cooking time similarly to that- if you like your eggs soft or slightly more bouncy, cook your pancakes accordingly to that (but don't scramble them!).

Once cooked, I throw on whatever I fancy or whatever I've got laying around in the cupboards. This time I used sultanas, milled flaxseed and a drizzle of honey to keep it healthy. If you want, you can add chocolate drops, ice cream, fruit or anything else you like! Mixed nuts are also very nice for an extra crunch.

Will you be trying this amazingly simple yet healthy recipe? Let me know how you get on and enjoy!

A presto!
Olivia x

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