The best summer ever! | Introduction

Now, this post is slightly/ very overdue, and perhaps not the best time to write it on the approach to Christmas! However, I didn't want to rush this part of my blogging journey because it includes the biggest physical journey that I personally have taken in my life so far. That makes it sound like I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro or something (like my awesome dear friend Becki did, which I certainly DID NOT), however I really want to tell you all about the best summer of my life so far! 

The best gelato in Florence! (please excuse background swearing)

As you may have read in my About Olivia post, you will know that I am in love with all things Italian. Over the next few weeks I aim to post several pieces on my trip. Splitting up the posts into the places that I visited so that it has some kind of structure, but here I will just give you a little intro as to what I did.

This summer, I spent six weeks travelling the beautiful landscapes of ITALIA! Louise, who is my good friend from University accompanied me as we travelled to a few different regions of Italy for recreational purposes as well as for work. We had both been accepted to work for a children's summer camp company for a few weeks so we thought we would make the most of our time there and do some travelling before and after our duties. We met some amazing people and created unforgettable memories on our journey, and I'm really excited to share it with you :)

Our awesome journey took us to the commercial city of Milan, the beautiful and historic national park area of Cinque Terre, sunny Sanremo on the Italian Riviera, the musical city of Cremona, the most heart-capturing city I have visited- Florence, and last but certainly not least, the stunning countryside of Le Marche where I celebrated my 21st birthday with my parents.

Watch this space to ensure you hear all about my brilliant experiences working abroad, teaching, travelling, staying in hostels, eating shed loads of gelato and pasta and generally just having a blast!

A presto!

Olivia x

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